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Traineeships Benefit Everyone

Supporting The Future of Australia's Workforce


Easy To Arrange & Beneficial

Traineeships benefit both employees and businesses. A Traineeship is in many ways, supporting both the future of Australia's workforce and providing businesses with better trained and qualified staff.

The other great news is you may be able to qualify for funding towards the cost of course fees for a Nationally Recognised Qualification. Traineeships can make everything much more affordable.

Traineeships are easy to arrange. For further information, please read the below summary or contact us today.


  • A traineeship is a system of structured, work-based training combined with employment
  • They are designed to help people start a career and to provide businesses with trained, qualified staff
  • Most traineeships are of 12 months duration
  • On successful completion of a traineeship, the trainee will receive a nationally recognised qualification
  • Traineeships can be offered to either full-time or part-time employees
  • Available to new and existing employees 


  • Employees receive a structured learning program of Nationally Accredited Training
  • Qualifications may be used as a credit towards training at a higher level


At Acacia Education & Training we strive to provide the most suitable and flexible methods of delivery for you and your employee.

Examples of how we may provide/deliver the training are:-

  • On-site at your workplace
  • Part-time classroom-based delivery
  • Correspondence – course materials are sent to the trainees, with support from a trainer via phone, online and email
  • Flexible delivery - by a combination of methods.  


Some employers believe appointing a Trainee and arranging everything is difficult and time consuming. In fact, there is very little - and, it is all looked after by an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (a government-funded organisation).  They will help you complete the paperwork and ensure you receive all the incentives you are entitled to. This is a no-charge service. We also take care of many parts of the process at our end too!


To get you started, all you need to do is call us. Alternatively, go to our Contact page, complete your enquiry and we will then get back to you.

When we call, we will ask you a few basic questions and then let you know about the range of entitlements available. Once we have the 'go-ahead' we will guide you through the entire process. And remember, it's a lot easier than you may think to start a Traineeship!   

Why Choose Us...

We Provide A Complete Service
customised training - employers

We work directly with you to design training solutions specific to your needs. We can tailor nationally accredited short courses to address specific competencies required in your workplace. Customised training is flexible, specifically more relevant to your business and convenient.

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range of courses & traineeships

We deliver a wide range of nationally accredited qualifications plus support & service a range of traineeships. Our training programs focus on the knowledge and skills employers are looking for. All of our trainers have comprehensive experience in the industry sector they specialise in.

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funding & subsidy support programs

The range of Government Employment & Training programs and fee subsidies available is vast and constantly changing. We assist students, potential employers and job service providers with funding and subsidy support available. This includes very attractive incentives for traineeships.

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Our Mission

At Acacia Education & Training we strive to provide our students and employees of organisations with the skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen discipline. We provide flexible models of learning so everyone can benefit from life-long skills development.